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Services and Solutions for Appraisers

At REO SOLUTIONS your check goes out immediately – the next business day after receiving your completed work!

REO SOLUTIONS provides the complete array of appraisals for our clients from driveby 2055 appraisals to FNMA interiors and everything in between.

What does it take to join REO SOLUTIONS?

Your contact information
Your Company Tax ID number
Your Errors & Omissions Insurance Policy number & Expiration Date
Your certifications information

How much does it cost to join?
It's FREE to join REO SOLUTIONS and it takes just a few minutes to complete the sign up process!

When will I be paid for Appraisals?
Payment will be issued within 30 days of order completion!

Which FNMA form do I use?
The order details will give you information about the property and the required form to use for each assignment.

How do I submit the completed report?
Appraisal reports should be in PDF format. Once you have completed the appraisal, sign in to REO SOLUTIONS, locate the order under My Workplace, click browse, locate the report on your PC and then click Upload. It's that easy!

How do I submit my Invoice?
No invoice is required so long as we have your company W-9 information. DO NOT INCLUDE AN INVOICE IN THE PDF APPRAISAL FILE – just the report, maps, drawings and photos.

What if I find personal property on the premises?
Under no circumstance can any personal property be removed from the subject property. REO SOLUTIONS does not permit the removal of any personal property and doing so could result in felony criminal charges.

Quality Control Standards
The FNMA standards for appraisal practices apply and any exceptions should be explained.