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Services and Solutions for Clients

BPOs - REO SOLUTIONS has performed 1000's of BPOs encompassing every state and all the U.S. Territories. We offer Interior or Exterior BPOs for preforclosure needs as well as second opinion BPOs completed by experienced REO agents who know their territories.

APPRAISALS - REO SOLUTIONS has an extensive network of REO appraisers across the nation who can handle both your pre and post foreclosure valuations from driveby 2055 appraisals to complete interior appraisals.

OCCUPANCY and REPAIR INSPECTIONS - Sometimes you just need to know if the property is occupied or if repairs have been completed in a satisfactory manner – REO SOLUTIONS can assist quickly with these needs as well.

LISTINGS - REO SOLUTIONS also provides referral and outsourcing capabilities on your foreclosure listings. Our clients find this service invaluable as it frees up their time to negotiate and close sales while we locate qualified REO agents for your listings and help facilitate the sale of your assets and best of all - there is no additional cost to you!

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How do I place an order?
It's easy! Simply sign in and select an order type, fill in the order specifics and you are done! We will take it from there.

What information do I need to place an order?
To ensure timeliness and accuracy you will need the following information:

- Borrower Name - First and Last
- Complete address including zip code
- Property type (residential, commercial, land or multifamily)
- Loan number

There are additional fields for any special instructions or needs you may have, and access information for interior valuation requests.

How do I retrieve my order?
You will receive an email notification when your order is ready. Simply sign in and review it. The order will be there complete with photos. Additionally, you can sign in at any time and check the status of any of your orders.

What if I want to see and old order?
Completed orders will remain online for six (6) months. Just sign in and you can locate your order by any number of search criteria.

Will my order be reviewed for quality?
Absolutely! All orders are reviewed for completeness and accuracy prior to submission to you.

What if I need to place a batch of orders?
REO SOLUTIONS will provide a spreadsheet for the required data and our system will convert it to orders in the online system. You can then retrieve you completed orders as usual.